Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Guitar Repair Academy located?

We are located at 1651 Horizon Pkwy Suite 100 Buford, Georgia 30518. We operate the school right from our Guitar Repair Shop - Southeast Guitar Repair.


Can I call to speak with someone about the course?

Absolutely! You may call the school number at 404-487-5223. Or you may call the guitar shop, Southeast Guitar Repair anytime during business hours at 770-504-6383. We welcome your questions. 

Is the course online or do I need to attend classes in person?

The entire course is online. We are working on an In person 4 week class launching in 2023. Our online course is perfectly designed for you to safely learn guitar repair right from your home and at any time of the day or night. However we have added an optional 1 week long apprenticeship that is in our shop if you feel you need some in person learning. The week long apprenticeship is completely optional. 

What is the difference between the Master's Course & the Guitar Repair Technician  Course?

The Guitar Repair Technician Course is for someone that wants to only offer the basic repairs. The majority of work for a Guitar Repair Technician will be the maintenance side to guitar repair. We consider the restrings, Setups, bone work, fret dresses, pickup installs, the basic repairs that you would see day to day in a music store. 

However, our Master's Guitar Repair Luthier Course gives you all of those core lessons, but also teaches refrets, restoration jobs, overhauls, neck breaks, structural issues you would see in a full service shop. We decided to offer 2 options for our students rather than make a full service course solely. However, if you begin the Guitar Technician program and decide later you would like to learn those advanced repairs, you can upgrade your Enrollment to the Master's Program by paying the difference on the current Master's program from what you have already paid.


Do I need any special computer software to access the course?

No. You can access the course from a computer, laptop, tablet and even a mobile device. 


How long does the course take?

The course is designed to fit your schedule. You may take as little time as you need or if you want to go all in and put some full time hours in, you can finish as quick as you are able to within a few months. Remember practice makes perfect. The more you put into your course and practicing, the better you will become. You won't do one setup and become a pro, you will need to practice on multiple instruments. But if you invest the time to practice and learn all of our techniques you can repeat them just like we do every day. We are giving you all the secrets, what you do with them is up to you. Once you complete the core curriculum in Section 1 you are able to take your final exam. Some students finish in 2-3 months. We prefer students that are lifetime learners & want to really learn this trade in its entirety. Students that continue to review & learn the newly added lessons really get the most out of their education.

 If enroll in the Guitar Technician Program and later decide I would like to enroll in The Master's Program, do you offer a discount?

Yes. You can upgrade your program at any time. You will just pay the difference in tuition costs based on current enrollment price for that program. 

Do you offer custom payment plans?

Yes, we have made custom plans for students that want to be billed every 2 weeks and other custom plans which allowed a Student to pay 3 equal payments over 3 months. Just email us and we can customize a payment option that works for you. 

  Will you stop filming new lessons when your library is filled up?

No. We think years and years of repairs is an asset for our school. We will never run out of unique repairs to teach. And since our Master's students have lifetime access, there will plenty of time for them to learn new material. Logging in 1 time per week, even after they complete their education with us, will give them new lessons and help our students to never stop learning. 

I need help paying for your school?

We have so many options to help you out!

-We have an in house payment option.

-At checkout, you can use PayPal Credit for 6 months zero interest. 

-You can use Affirm to pay. With Affirm, you can buy now and pay monthly. Checking your loan eligibility won’t affect your credit score.

Check out this page:



Is room & board included in the apprenticeship?

No. Your accommodations and travel is your own responsibility. We can help coordinate a nearby hotel that is near the shop. And we will help with your transportation to and from the shop to the hotel near the shop each work day.

 How is my tuition payment protected? If I pay for a Master's Program and you close the school, what happens to my investment? 

We have a 25 year history as a business. We have no plan to discontinue the school as it has become a success with our students! However, for your peace of mind, our school is bonded. Your tuition payment is protected if our school were to shut down. But that is not in our future. We love filming new lessons each week. The library is already so full! We grow every month. Our students are happy with their investment and education.

How do I update my credit card number?

Click on the "Settings" tab in the top corner of the course. The course has an easy, 1 step option to update your credit card. If your payment fails, contact us and we can help you get your payment card updated. This only applies to students on a payment plan with us. If you have a finance plan with Affirm, you will need to contact them for updating your payment information.  


I can't afford my tuition fee in a full payment right now. Do you have any options for me?

Yes, we have a payment plan option for those students that prefer to pay their tuition over time. There is also a great option through PayPal. At Checkout you will see an option called "Pay Later". This allows you to apply for credit with PayPal instantly & if approved, they will allow you 6 months of zero interest financing. This allows for full payment to us & you can chose to pay PayPal at your terms with them. We are paid in full for your tuition and you pay them directly. And check out our new option with Affirm here:



How much will my tools cost?

You will have to invest some money into your tools. But your tools will make you money for many years to come. And starting in any new trade career, you will have initial start up costs for your tools & supplies. Check out the tool list for links on our preferred tools. The good thing is that you won't have to buy them all at once. You can purchase them as you need them. We suggest starting out with the restring tools, then add on the setup tools, then when you are ready for bone work add on the bone tools and fret tools last. You can shop for used tools to save some money and buy them as needed. Check eBay & Craigslist for used tools. In the end you may spend up to $1200 for your tools if you buy them brand new and our preferred items. But the good thing is, that you can add on a tool here and there as you need it. And spread those expenses out over time. 

Some repair shops will supply tools for their techs. So you may be able to borrow tools while you are learning and you may never have to purchase any tools. Don't forget to ask relatives or neighbors if they have some duplicate tools they may not use. Or if you are already at a shop just perfecting your skills, those tools may already be available for you. Don't let tool costs deter you from a big dream. Save your receipts and you can claim them during tax time!

And don't forget to ask for Stewmac Gift Cards for your birthday or Christmas when someone asks for gift ideas.


What kind of Certification will I receive?

After you complete the course and pass the Final Exam you will receive a Guitar Repair Technician Certificate. If you join us for the 1 week Apprenticeship, you will receive an Apprenticeship Certificate showing you apprenticed under Master Luthier Barrett Culpepper. If you are in the Master's Guitar Repair Luthier Course, you will also receive a "Guitar Repair Luthier" certification at your 1 year mark or upon completion of the entire Weekly Lesson section, whichever occurs first.


Does your shop (Southeast Guitar Repair) hire graduates of other Luthier Schools?

Yes! We have had graduates from Gallup, Roberto- Venn, Atlanta Guitar Works and a few other schools on staff with us. From those experiences, we saw there was a need for a more intense Guitar Repair focused Luthier school. So we designed our own. Our new hires go through this same course. Anytime we are hiring, our students and graduates get priority. We know what the other schools teach and for us, it was not a sufficient education to come in as a Southeast Guitar Repair Technician. We want SEGRA Grads to staff our shop so we give priority to you all when we are hiring.

Can I use my certification to get a job in a guitar shop?

Yes. Our course is more in depth than most guitar schools that meet in a classroom. In most cases, you will have more hours of repair training than you would receive at a typical Guitar Building School. And our methods and techniques are far superior than what we have seen from graduates that have applied to our repair shop over the last 12 years. If you are wanting to focus on the repair side to a career in lutherie, this is an intense program that will help you take on client repairs confidently. If you want to focus on strictly building you may want to research build schools. 



 Do you offer any in person workshops?

We do offer a week long apprenticeship for our students once you have passed your Final Exam. This is included in the Master's Tuition or for an additional $799 if you are in the Guitar Repair Technician Course or on the Membership Tuition Plan we offered during our intro pricing tuition. We will have live classes beginning 2023. Check out this page for more information


Do you have job placement after I complete the program?

We do give out references if you would like to apply to any place. We will verify your course of study and give any details they may need for a reference for hiring. 

Also, our graduates of Southeast Guitar Repair Academy get priority over other applicants applying for a position at our shop- Southeast Guitar Repair. We plan to open a 2nd location in the future and hope to have graduates from Southeast Guitar Repair Academy apply!

We also share job posting from all over the US when we hear of music stores, Guitar shops & the major guitar factories looking for new hires. 


What if I don't have enough guitars to practice on?

We encourage you to look for fixer uppers at garage sales or pawn shops if your budget allows. Craigs List & Ebay are also great places to find salvage guitars to practice on. has a search option to search for salvage guitars. Low end guitars need setups too! We have seen huge support from friends and family that would be more than grateful to offer a guitar for you to practice on. And they get some free work on it as well. Or you can charge them a minimal fee & put that toward your tool purchases. However, starting out we encourage you to begin on less expensive models while you are learning technique and proper tool handling. Please do not practice on a family member's vintage piece just yet. Let's get used to those tools first.


Can I share my login with my friend?

No. If you are suspected of sharing an account we will cancel your Enrollment and take legal action. This is not Netflix. With your enrollment, you get one invite to our Zoom sessions & 1 group chat membership. If you share with a buddy, you are not getting the most from your tuition. And why risk losing access to your education for not following the rules. If you were in an in person class, you couldn't let your buddy go to class with you. This is an investment into yourself. Your buddy needs to make his own commitment. Taking that away from you is not worth saving him a few bucks. Plus the Luthier Karma gods are real! Skimping on a shared login will haunt you later when you get that guitar from h%**. Just Saying... its not worth it. The less people that know these secrets, the more you stand out as one of the few that do. Be the expert in your town.


I have no idea how to start my own business. Even if I finish the School, where do I begin to start my own shop?

We launched our 3rd Module to the course for this very reason. Our Business Course has you covered! The Business Course  will help guide you through the steps you may need to take to get started with a storefront, obtaining business licenses if needed in your state, fiing your company as an LLC, how to get started with vendor accounts (so you can buy parts & strings at cost)  starting your own website & social media marketing & ideas on how to generate business traffic for your new business. And give you some insider tips on getting started to offer Warranty Service for the big guys like C.F. Martin, Fender, and Gibson. It's not so scary when you learn the process. You could start the shop in your basement. We will show you!

What is the advantage of your Guitar Repair Course over a bigger Luthier school that has been around longer?

We feel we have the advantage in the field of Guitar Repair education over the Luthier Schools. We actually see the customers face to face. We know what setup they love. We know the repair industry better than a school ever will. We have over 25 years of interacting with clients and performing flawless Setups & repairs. A Guitar building school never sees clients, they see students. We have hundreds of paying clients in our shop every month, and they have the voice to say "yes I like this setup". They love our repairs! Check out the google reviews for Southeast Guitar Repair and you will see a shop that is loved by clients. At our shop we set the standard for excellence. We are the experts in the guitar repair industry. Now we will teach you. We also teach you interaction with clients. During live lessons, you get to see us check in and assess an actual client drop off. Other schools have their doors closed to outside visitors. This skill alone (checking in a potential repair) is so vital as a repair technician. Not only do you get to see reviews of what students think about us, but you can research our Repair Shop and see we have a reputation of excellence. You can learn from the school that only does repairs for decades in real life or learn from the build school that profits only by teaching students.

However, our biggest perk over the In Person schools is this- When you are learning in the classroom or live, you have to retain all the information right there. You have to take good notes. Once you finish school and get home to work on your first repairs, you better hope you paid attention & took good notes. If not, you will be lost. Our course gives you lifetime access to video lessons on every repair that you can view as many times as you will ever need to. So for that rare repair you only see once every 3 years, we have you covered for a refresher at any point you need it!

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a beginner restring video & an episode of our Live Weekly Lessons. While this is a more entry level lesson, it will give you the opportunity to see the teaching style and make sure we are a good fit. Once you opt in for emails you will be sent access to Audit the mini course. This will let you sample the content. We do not offer free trials of the actual course because the course gives you immediate access to our Shop Specs. We pride our Shop Specs and even our techs at Southeast Guitar Repair have to sign NDA's to keep this information private to only students and our Southeast Guitar Repair Techs. You can opt in to emails & the Audit of the course will be emailed to you. 


I work Full time, can I access the school after work?

Absolutely! The beauty of our school is that you can access your courses at any time day or night! The course advances with you. So you may take as little or as much time as you need to complete the core curriculum. And since all of the Weekly Lesson repairs are added into the course, you can even go back to previous months to view all of the content even before you enrolled. You get to access every past weekly lesson. (If the Module 2 is included in your course.)

What is the apprenticeship invitation that is included with the  Master's Tuition Program?

The Master's program includes a 3 or 5 day invitation to Apprentice with Southeast Guitar Repair. After you complete your certification Exam, you have the option to schedule a 3- 5 day in shop Apprenticeship study at Southeast Guitar Repair. 

*You will need to secure your own accommodations if you are traveling. 

 I joined during your introductory membership tuition enrollment offer. Can I upgrade to the lifetime Master's Program?

Yes you can. You will be billed at the current Master's Tuition rate less the amount you have already paid us. 


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