Course Outline

Effective date: December 26, 2021 (We update this list to add the newly filmed content every few weeks.)


Southeast Guitar Repair Academy Course Outline

The Guitar Repair Academy Course has 2 Curriculum Sections.

SECTION 1- Core Curriculum teaches basic repairs you will need to master in order to understand and begin the more advanced level of repairs. The curriculum in Section 1 is designed to give you a solid foundation to the repairs you would be doing on a day to day basis. You can’t do a flawless refret if the end Setup is not good enough. 


In SECTION 2 -Weekly Webinars,  you will find the more advanced repairs. We don't pre record these because we want you to see every second of the repair. No editing. This gives you a better understanding not only of the actual repair in real time, but also what it is like to be in a shop day to day. You can see exactly how much time it would take to do the repair on an experienced level. This will help when you begin to price out your repairs to your clients. And we want to share with you, things that may go wrong during a repair so you can learn how to trouble shoot issues. If we did a repair and edited all of the real that could go wrong in a repair, you miss out on the unpredictability of Lutherie. And you don't learn all that you really could learn from a repair. We want you to learn every part of Lutherie. The webinars are posted to the portal the next day so you can access at any point and review as often as you like. You can even go back months and look at webinars we filmed before you joined. Some weeks we will post 2 webinars just because we love sharing new repairs. 

Section 1 Core Curriculum Lessons


  1. Sighting Necks
  2. Checking Braces
  3. Using Feeler Gauges
  4. Checking Electronics


  1. Acoustic Restring
  2. Electric (Stratocaster) Restring
  3. Classical Restring
  4. Strap Button Installation

Middle School

  1. Classical Guitar Setup
  2. Electric (Gretsch) Guitar Setup
  3. Bass Guitar Setup
  4. Electric (Stratocaster) Guitar Setup
  5. Acoustic Guitar Setup
  6. Floyd Rose Style Guitar Setup

High School

  1. Hand Carved Bone Nut Bass Guitar
  2. Hand Carved Bone Nut Electric Guitar 
  3. Acoustic Hand Carved Bone Nut
  4. Acoustic Hand Carved Bone Saddle


  1. Fret Dresses


Section 2 Weekly Webinars

Each week we film a repair in live time. Some repairs will last over a few webinars. We also have Q & A sessions with the instructor each month. 

Current Webinars:

6-3-21 - Acoustic Pickguard Removal & Replacement

6-10-21- Using Your Measuring Tools

6-17-21- Brace Repair Acoustic Guitar

6-23-21-Rebuilding a Fingerboard Part 1

6-23-21- Testing Pickups

7-1-21- Hand Carved Bone Nut Fender Telecaster 

7-8-21 - Level Sand, Buff & Polish Finish (Headstock)

7-15-2 - Martin Binding Repair (Satin Finish guitar)

7-22-21 - Martin Refret Step 1 Removing Frets

7-26-21 - Martin Refret Step 2

7-30-21 - Q & A session

8-4-21 - Martin Refret Step 3 Prepping Fret Wire

8-14-21 Hand Carved Heel Cap Martin Guitar

8-21-21 - Refret Step 4 Installing New Frets Part 1

8-21-21- Refret Step 4 Installing New Frets Part 2

8-26-21 Martin Refret Step 5 Fret Dress Part 1

8-26-21 Martin Refret Step 5 Fret Dress Part 2

9-2-21 Bridge Reset Step 1 Remove Bridge Part 1

9-2-21 Bridge Reset Step 1 Remove Bridge Part 2

9-3-21 Refret Martin Step 6 Bone Nut & Setup Part 1

9-3-21 Refret Martin Step 6 Bone Nut & Setup Part 2.

9-17-21 Q & A Session- Assessing A Guitar 

9-23-21 Bound Refret Step 1 Removing The Frets

9-29-21 Bound Refret Step 2 Plane Fingerboard & Cut/ Clean Fret Slots

10-8-21 Bound Refret Step 3 Nip The Tang/ Prep The Frets

10-8-21 Bound Refret Step 4 Installing New Frets

10-9-21 Bound Refret Step 5 Nip & Bevel The Frets

10-14-21 Humidification For Severe Structural Repair

10-21-21 Acoustic Pickup Install LR Baggs Anthem SL

10-28-21 Neck Heel Separation on a Martin Guitar. 

11-2-21 Q & A Session

11-3-21 Neck Break Completely Separated Step 1

11-11-21 Maple Unbound Refret Step 1 Removing Frets

11-18-21 Maple Unbound Refret Step 2 Level the fingerboard, Raise the grain, stain for finish prep.

11-23-21 Maple Refret Step 3 Prepping & Pre- Finishing 

12-2-21 Q & A Session with Shop Luthiers

12-3-21 Bridge Doctor Install

12-9-21 Maple Refret Step 4 Cutting & prepping fret slots

12-16-21 Maple Refret Step 5 Installing the frets Ruberband Technique

12-17-21 Martin Binding Wood Glue Technique

12-21-21 Martin Binding Splicing in Missing Piece of Binding

12-21-21 Q & A Session 

Future Webinars will be updated to this Outline List as we advance. 

We will cover:

-Bridge Resets


-Electronics Diagnostics

-Rewires (pickup installs, custom wiring jobs, etc)

-Heat Treatments

-Neck Breaks

-Binding Repairs


-Brace Repairs


-Rebuilding A Fretboard

-Binding Repairs


And so much more!



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