Guitar Repair Lutherie, but taught by a real Guitar Repair Shop... 

That's a nice guitar you built, but how does it play...

A Course for Everyone

Whether you are brand new to guitar repair or you have been in the Lutherie field for years, our School is for you.

-Do you desire a better career?

-Are you retired and looking for a hobby that can make an income too?

-Tired of your current job and want to do something that interests you?

-Want to start maintaining your own gear & do your own Setups?

-Do your current customers complain about your setups?

-Are your personal guitar builds just not playing good enough to sell?

-Are you a guitar tech that just wants a library of resources for tried & true repair techniques?

-Are you a DIY'er and want to invest in a new skill?

-Are you a music store owner that wants to train your staff on Guitar Repair Services and tap into the never ending repair & maintenance revenue?

-Are you in the Guitar Repair field already, but want to gain more confidence with your current repair abilities?

-Are you looking for a more economical option vs. spending  $8000-$10,000 on an in person Luthier School?

-Do you have a large collection, and learning to do your own setups would save you money?

-Have you attended a Luthier School for building and now realize the 2 weeks of repair training you received, just won't cut it in the real world?

-Are you a Luthier building school graduate and now realize the money is in the repair & maintenance side of Lutherie?

-Are you at a standstill in life and want to learn a new trade?

-Are you about to graduate high school and want to learn a trade that is a better fit for you than a 4 year college program?

-Are you unable to find the time to commit to an in person Luthier School because you still have to work a full-time job?

If any of this speaks to you, You are our ideal student! Our school is made up of people exactly like you.

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What can you expect from Southeast Guitar Repair Academy?

Guitar Repair Academy is an ONLINE Luthier School that will teach you the repair side of Lutherie. We'll teach you the expert techniques the luthiers of Southeast Guitar Repair have used over the past 25 years. From refrets to our signature "Southeast Setup", we'll let you in on all of our trade secrets.


 We created a repeatable system at Southeast Guitar Repair to train our techs to master our repair techniques. Now, that same system is available to you-our students!

We have crafted the ideal curriculum so you can get to work on guitars and start making an income.  

Our repair shop- Southeast Guitar Repair is a world renowned Guitar Repair Shop. We are one of C.F. Martin's busiest Authorized Warranty Service Centers. And the only one in the Atlanta area. We teach the same techniques we use for Martin, Fender & Gibson Warranty repairs. If you are hesitant of our reputation, please call any one of those manufacturers to verify our decades of flawless repairs for them. We teach you industry standard repair processes so that one day, you can apply to become service providers for those same manufacturers. Our repair processes are tried and true and approved by so many manufacturers. We have over 25 years of business and we complete repairs on hundreds of guitars every month. No shortage of expertise here! We have mastered every repair possible. 



 Our Courses are Comprised Of 3 Modules

 For an advanced Guitar Repair Luthier education. 


MODULE 1: Core Curriculum 

Module 1 is comprised of our Core Curriculum. This section contains all of the basic repair lessons that teach you:

-Professional Restrings

-Proper Setups

-Hand Carved Bone Nuts

-Hand Carved Bone Saddles

-Fret Dresses

-Fret Soften

-Introductory Wiring & Soldering

These are the day to day jobs you will see most often in a repair shop or music store. We teach you these repair lessons on multiple types of guitars such as Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Floyd Rose Styles, Classical Guitars, Bass Guitars, Ukuleles, and even Banjos.


MODULE 2: Business Course 

Module 2 is our Business Course. You will find all of the lessons pertaining to launching your business. Whether you want to open a store front location or a legitimate workshop from your home, we will teach you all the steps to make your business official. We teach so many aspects of the business side. From forming your business structure, to getting your resale license for vendor accounts to purchase wholesale parts, advertising techniques to generate new business right away, business liability insurance and plenty more valuable lessons for launching your business to the public. This is an area most Luthier schools do not teach because they lack the experience and knowledge of running a repair business open to the public. This module will help you take your business to the next level professionally.


MODULE 3: Weekly Repair  Lessons (Only Included in the Master's Course)

Module 3 is where you will find all of our Weekly Repair Lessons. This section of the course is where we teach more advanced repairs like:


-Brace Repairs

-Bridge Resets

-Heat Treatments

-Headstock Breaks

-Finish Work

-Electronics Diagnostics

-Advanced Wiring & Soldering

-Neck Resets

-Structural Repairs

-And so many additional restoration jobs.

This section is continually growing! We add new lessons every month. We also teach you warranty repairs for the leading manufacturers in the Weekly Lesson section. These lessons are filmed live with no editing. This will allow you to learn how much time a repair may take you. This is imperative in learning your workload turnaround. By filming live, you get to see everything that happens during a repair including on the spot problem solving and what happens if a repair doesn't go as planned. With access to Module 3, you never stop learning. New repairs added all the time!



Our online course gives you the opportunity to be part of so many repairs. Your classroom is our Guitar Shop. You will see every type of repair imaginable! The problem solving you are going to learn with us, is not comparable to any repair school or course any where else! Guitar Repair is very unpredictable.  You can see 100 different issues during a Setup. During our live repair videos, you are going to see us run into those issues- LIVE! No editing out a buzzy fret, you learn exactly what to do when you come across these different scenarios. A classroom will not allow you to see these pop up issues. We will get you ready for real scenarios you are bound to run into at some point in your Lutherie career. Since you get Lifetime Access, you will get every update we add to the course. You get to learn and grow forever. Our course is jam packed with so much content & value! 



Our Guitar Repair Course is 100% online. Learn at your own pace and on your own timeline from the convenience of your home, anywhere in the world. We even have students in Canada & Europe.

For Every Stage Of Luthier

Whether you are a luthier struggling with your current repair techniques, brand new to guitar repair, or you are a player just looking to service your own guitars - this course is for you!

Endless Career Options

Guitar Repair Technicians have so many options when it comes to their career. You can secure a gig on the road with a touring musician, start your own Guitar Shop, offer repairs from your home workshop, or get a position at a local music store's repair counter. 

 4 Options

For Paying Tuition

 We have 3 options for paying your Tuition.


1.  You may pay a one time tuition payment for Lifetime access to the course and no additional payments ever again. (See Checkout Below)


2. If you need a more affordable payment option to space out your payments, we have teamed up with Affirm to help with paying your tuition over time with their Finance option. With Affirm, you can buy now and pay monthly with no interest charges or additional fees. Checking your loan eligibility won’t affect your credit score. Click here for more details  

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 3. Afterpay & Paypal Credit Options. At checkout you will see these Payment options and it will allow additional options to spread your tuition out over time. 

4. No credit? Our In House Payment Plan will allow you to easily pay your tuition deposit with monthly tuition payments. You get access to your courses immediately.

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Master's Guitar Repair Luthier Course


One Time Payment Checkout Here (For additional payment options see the "Store" Page or "The Finance You Tuition" Page)


  • Professional Restring Lessons
  • Professional Setup Lessons (Learn our famous "Southeast Setup")
  • Our Prized Shop "Specs & Measurements"
  • Hand Carved Bone Nut & Bone Saddle Lessons
  • Fret Dress Lessons
  • Wiring Lessons
  • Access to Weekly Repair Lessons (We add new lessons each month) Here you will see the real time project repairs like Refrets, Bridge Resets, Neck Breaks, Wiring, Binding Repairs, Restoration Projects & so much more!)
  • Member Only Community¬†Chat
  • Guitar Shop Repair Ticket Template Download ($25 Savings)
  • Access to all previously recorded Weekly¬†Lessons
  • 2 Invites per month to Q & A Sessions with Barrett & all students that want to join via Zoom
  • Access to Business Course ($999 Savings)
  • Repair Support from SEGR Luthiers & Admins
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to all newly added content year after year¬†
  • Price Share (We share our shop pricing so you know how to price your repairs)
  • Guitar Repair Technician Certification upon Module 1 Core Curriculum completion & passing Final Exam.
  • Master's Guitar Repair Luthier Certification upon Module 3 Course Completion
  • 1 Luthier's Journal ($15.99 Savings)
  • Bonus!!!! The Master's Tuition also includes a 5 Day¬†invitation¬†to Southeast Guitar Repair for more intense Apprenticeship in shop study if interested. ($799 Savings)
  • Schatten Wiring Diagram (81 page Book $63 Savings)
  • Complete Guitar Wiring (408 page Book $50 Savings)
  • 1 Southeast 16 Nut File ($29.99 Savings)
  • New Martin Warranty Repairs Course

 Our Luthier's Program includes Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3. You will receive 2 mailed certifications along the way. 

- Guitar Repair Technician Certification once you complete Module 1

- Master's Guitar Repair Luthier Certification once you complete Module 3

$3799 Master's Course Tuition Click Here

What makes us different?

If you are questioning why pay for a course when you can get free videos on Youtube or pay for a $20 Setup course, I'll explain what makes our course different and worth investing in. There is so much misinformation on Youtube. We cringe most times we watch a guitar repair video there. Rarely do we come across someone that gives full correct information. We wouldn't have put countless hours into this course if quality information was already available on YouTube for free. Youtube is filled with fancy cut & edits and really nice camera tricks. We are raw and real time. We show real repairs in true time. And the best part is, we are not familiar with the instruments (they are not our personal guitars). So when you see us master that guitar in real time, you learn real problem solving skills. The extra value of the course comes during the Weekly Repair Lessons. These are jam packed with so much information and support!


Is your Youtuber actually doing any Setups for paying clients? Or is he creating content to generate Ad revenue?

-Does he have custom Shop Specs to teach you or is he winging it?

-Will he help you when the technique he taught you goes awry?

-Are the techniques you are learning on Youtube, proper techniques in the industry or are you devaluing someone's guitar?



Our clients pay us over & over to do this professionally every day. We have online reviews all over the internet. Our clients rave over our setups and repair work! Our entire guitar shop uses the same specs to produce the perfect Setup- the "Southeast Setup". Now you get the opportunity to learn our secret tried & true techniques. Our classroom is right in our busy Guitar Shop. We have hundreds of guitars brought in every month. We are the experts in the Guitar Repair industry. The time you will save from scouring the internet for proper repair information will pay for your investment over and over. One Library with tried and true repairs that have been tested to be the most efficient process for 25 years and counting. 

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Meet Our Instructor

Barrett Culpepper is the owner and Master Luthier at Southeast Guitar Repair in Buford, Georgia. He has over 19 years of experience as a Luthier & has trained dozens of Luthiers under him. We first designed Guitar Repair Academy as a training tool for our Repair Shop to train our newly hired apprentices. When we saw how fast the new apprentices were learning from this specialized training platform, we decided to offer it to other students. We know what the other Luthier schools offer and we wanted to fill the void with a more complete education program for Guitar Repair Luthierie. 


Curious about what it's like to work in a Guitar Repair Shop?

We enjoy working on guitars all day! You never know who is going to be your next client. We meet some great people from all walks of life. We get to play on every model of guitar you can imagine. It is a pretty sweet gig! You will definitely have no shortage of people wanting to chat you up whenever you mention you are a Luthier! Much better than being stuck in an office all day.