All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Guitar Repair Business

Think of your tool expenses as your books & lab fees if you were taking classes at a University or Trade School. Except these tools will make you money after you complete school plus they will be yours forever!

Spacing out your tool purchase is perfectly normal.

If you are watching your budget, we recommend you buy the tools as you are about to start each section in the course. Start with the tools needed for restrings, then add on your setup tools, once you are ready to start bone work, add on your bone tools & then fret dress tools. This helps spread your tool costs out.

We've added some links below so you can get an idea of how much your tools may cost. Of course you can buy them at any retailer, but here is a few options for easy shopping. 

Check out Luthier's Mercantile for tool options, Ebay, Amazon & of Course StewMac.


Also, remember that StewMac is offering our students a 10% discount on your purchases while you are a student. 


StewMac has a Tool package for our students.


-Digital Calipers


-String Clippers



-Drill with String Winder


-Rem Oil

-Tuner Tighteners

-Fret Guard

-Steel Wool #0000

-Guitar Polish


-Lemon Oil

-Bridge Pin Puller

-Mechanical Pencil Graphite





-Nut Files

-Allen Wrenches

-Feeler Gauges



-Truss Rod Wrenches

6" Machinists Rule


Bone Work

-Respirator Mask

-Micro Chisels

-String Spacing Ruler

-Nut Vise

-Radius Gauges

-Nut Seating Files

-Luthier's Hammer

-Band Saw

-Belt Sander

Fret Dresses

-Crowning Files

-Straight Edge

-Fret Leveler


-Shot Bag or Neck Rest

Strap Buttons


-Centering Ruler

-Drill & Drill Bits




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Don't feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to buy a lot of tools. You can add them as you progress. Get started with the course first. You may already have a lot of the tools you need within your reach. We even show you some tools we make ourselves. Register now! Buy your tools as you are ready to practice what you are learning. 

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